Create Power Promotions

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You spend a lot of time planning your promotions. You look at the sales numbers -- look at seasonality -- you determine what customers are doing... what they're buying -- set marketing goals. You identify opportunities for leveraging known tactics that have worked and you create new ones. Now you build out your marketing calendar and produce great creative executions. It's time for the logistics...

Social Responsibility: Franchises give back and make a difference

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When you break down any business, it’s really all about people. What people need, what connects us, how we show our appreciation and support to each other. Even in the digital age, franchised organizations remember they are all about the people they serve and show it with their commitments to social responsibility causes.

Celebrities in Franchising: Famous faces attracted to the food franchise industry

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Why would you want to be a franchisee when you are successful in Sports or as an Entertainer? The answer is simple. Built in profit! Also, it’s a great way for someone with the assets to get their money working for them.