Who is BrandPOP?

Check our our short video and learn a more about the Point of Purchase Experts.

BrandPOP has been providing great Print Production, Project Management and Fulfillment Services for marketing strategy and advertising campaigns for over 20 years. Specializing in retail chain stores, BrandPOP’s customized POP solutions provide a vital service to almost every retail segment, from QSR to Grocery, Food & Beverage, Home Furnishings and more. Executing marketing strategy can be challenging. Once your marketing strategy and promotion schedule is planned, creating the right marketing materials, planning and executing your point-of-purchase kit, producing, packing and shipping your POP kits out to all your chain’s location, labeled and tracked, is BrandPOP’s specialty.

BrandPOP was officially dubbed a Texas Corporation in 1990 when its original parent company, SilkScreen America, Inc., was born and later became SSA Graphics. The company’s inception stemmed from the ideas and goals of its founder, Troy Brand, who had years of experience in the advertising, print, and broadcast communications industries.  Having spent several years as the client himself, Brand had too often experienced the pain of missed deadlines, broken promises and marginal products from some of his suppliers. He recognized a need for better performance in this vital advertising niche and vowed never to encumber his own clients with such deficiencies.

We’ve been printing and shipping POP kits for retail chains for 20+ years.

Today, Steve and Wendy Brand, as The Brand Group LLC, share responsibilities for the BrandPOP shop with the original print production team still working to produce the same quality product and providing the same level of service that initiated with Troy over twenty years ago.  On top of this foundation, they have incorporated Print-Kit-Ship, a project management process that provides customers with visibility and peace of mind from order to fulfillment. It’s this Print-Kit-Ship, end to end process, which provides multiple customer touch points and transparency, is what differentiates BrandPOP from their competitors.  From start to finish we work with our clients and their franchisees to offer a seamless solution.

This one-stop shop for your POP needs streamlines the process and allows you to save your resources for your core business.

We were born SilkScreen America, Inc. in 1989 where, from day one, we produced and delivered in-store advertising collateral to thousands of retail chain locations with great client service and great quality print materials.